About Us

Whether you want to start your career as a kindergarten teacher or you want to get your child admitted to the best school in the USA, the Solution Website is the only way forward for you. The USA is a big region and there are constant changes in the country when it comes to its educational policy. As a citizen, you need to be well-aware of these changes.

The Solution Website is a complete encyclopedia when it comes to the educational dynamics of the USA. We not only educate you regarding the educational environment of the USA but also provide you with all the key information regarding some of the best schools in the region.


The Solution Website primarily offers two services:

Our first service is directed more towards individuals who want to pursue their careers as teachers. Yes, you may have all the basic certificates with regard to kindergarten teaching however to have a smooth career pathway you need to get started through a school which is well reputed and which provides you with adequate teaching experience as well.

To assist and guide teachers we have a wonderful database from where you can get all the necessary information about different well-known schools in the USA. Not only this, we also keep you updated by publishing the career opportunities in relation to these schools as they come available. We also provide you with information and email addresses on relevant people that are fulfilling recruitment responsibilities in these schools.

We also have tutorials and online courses available on our site through which you can learn about new discoveries relating to quality teaching. We have articles as well which you can read to enhance your skills as far as teaching is concerned.

Our second service is directed towards Parents. Yes, as a parent, quality education is something which is very important to you especially when it comes to the bright future of your children. You do not want to get your children ending up in a school where facilities are ordinary and where the teachers are not up to the mark. Do not worry as we at the Solution Website are the right solution for you.

We have a complete list of schools and their rankings on our page through which you can select the right institution for your children.  We also have a complete schedule available through which you can know about the admission timings of these schools.

We have a chat forum available as well and the idea is to bring teachers and parents onto one, common platform. Both are the building blocks of the educational society and the conversation between the two will surely serve as a healthy activity for the society as a whole.

For parents, we have videos available too. Different videos are related to different subjects. However, all these videos are children centric. Articles and blogs also regularly get published in this regard. As a parent, you can also personally meet us if you have problems with the upbringing of your children. We do provide counselling services as well!