A Review Of The Top K-12 Schools In The United States Of America

A Review Of The Top K-12 Schools In The United States Of America

As parents, we all want the very best for our children, especially their education, but how many of us look up the best K-12 schools in the Unites States and move to ensure that our children really are getting the best education. With School Choice, one might suppose it is an option, but before doing anything drastic, why don’t we do a review of those top schools and find out what makes them the best. We will take a look at the best private K-12 schools, best public high schools, best charter schools, and best online schools.

Best Private K-12 Schools

1)Phillips Academy Andover, MA 9-12 40,000 5:1 1,150 A+
2) Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter, NH 9-12 38,740 5:1 1,1085 A+
3) St. Paul’s School Concord, NH 9-12 55,000 5:1 541 A+
4)The Lawrenceville School Lawrenceville, NJ 9-12 51,440 8:1 822 A+
5) Choate Rosemary Hill Wallingford,Ct 9-12 43,130 7:1 862 A+

Phillips Academy Building

It’s easy to be number one when your student teacher ratio is an average 6:1 and you’re paying a yearly tuition that’s worth a full college tuition. I’m not sure what makes them the best when looking at how many surveys were answered by parents and students of the schools and the top average is 14. Money and living in New England make you the top 5 Best Private K-12 School.

Best Public High School

Walter Payton College Prep Chicago, IL 9-12 Free 17:1 899 A+
Northside College Prep Chicago, IL 9-12 17:1 1,047 A+
Aldai E. Stevenson Lincolnshire, IL 9-12 14:1 3,839 A+
Thomas Jefferson H. for Science & Technology Fairfax, Va. 9-12 16:1 1,820 A+
Illinois Mathematic & Science Academy Aurora, IL 10-12 12:1 650 A+

The rest of the country needs to take a look at Illinois, they are definitely doing something right in their education system, especially Aldai E. Stevenson High School. Having almost 4,000 students and maintaining the kind of numbers that they are. What is in their water? Part of the key to success at any high school is going to be student teacher ratio; even at a school with a high student body ratio, they are able to maintain a low teacher/student number.

Best Charter School

BASIS Scottsdale Scottsdale, AZ 5-12 11:1 754 A+
Charter School of Wilmington Wilmington, DE 9-12 4:1 972 A+
Benjamin Franklin High Orleans Parish,  LA 9-12 17:1 894 A+
Raleigh Charter Raleigh, NC 9-12 13:1 559 A+
BASIS Oro Valley Oro Valley, AZ 5-12 7:1 549 A+

BASIS Scottsdale Building

It comes as no surprise that the Charter for these schools is primarily STEM programs and that once again the class sizes are incredibly small. Reading some of the reviews from the students are interesting as they speak of the rigor of the classes and that parents are very strict, wanting the best for their students. I believe this is everywhere.

After reviewing the top five schools in the nation in the categories of Public, Private and Charter for high schools, I wasn’t personally overly impressed. As an educator in a past life, I could have been a top 5 educator in the nation if I only had 5 students to teach in every class, had the best equipment, and made the salaries I can only assume some of the New England teachers are making. The point is that what has been said about improving education for our students is still true no matter where you live.

  1. Class sizes need to be smaller
  2. Teachers need to be motivated and held to a standard of excellence
  3. Modern technology needs to be provided in every classroom
  4. Teachers, students, parents, and administrators all need to help each other out and work together
  5. Students must be held to a higher standard of learning

When these conditions are met, then every school will be a top 5 school in the country.