As an adult, do you remember being much dependent on technology for your education? Not much, because although technologies were getting advanced, you were not taught lessons with a video or slideshow, but by your parents – tutors and the teachers at the educational institutions. The 21st century is still being enriched with newer technologies for educational purposes such as app and software with artificial intelligence, support websites, informative videos, slides and a number of educational gadgets. Technology will change education in near future and is changing gradually at present but under no circumstances, would it replace the teachers because even those websites, apps, software and videos are created by teachers.

Sis Loves Me Taking Over

Technology is already taking over the classic ways of having time for learning or… entertainment. While in the past you had to use CDs or DVDs todays youth is depending on streaming services only.

Sis Loves Me – entertainment of step sisters taking over the technology space.

The perfect example of such service is Sis Loves Me (adults only) that features the world’s most famous videos with step sisters. It’s packed with over 200 episodes and being launched back in 2016 it still operates to thousands of members in 2019. Can we say that technology of tomorrow is already here?

When it comes to teaching, though…

Can Technology Replace Teachers

No. The contribution of teachers in our life starts right during infancy and at home because the first teachers are the parents who give you a primary idea of education. Then onwards, kids learn new things from their teachers in play schools, elementary school, colleges and universities. Here are different steps of education described to concretize the idea of no-replacement of teachers by technology.

  • Pre-school Education

Kids have the help of interactive videos and lessons from internet as well as CDs and DVDs consisting important lessons to know about alphabets, colors, animals, flowers, fruits etc. These lessons from technology make them eager to learn more when they get admitted to a school and there begins their more interactive educational journey with flesh and blood teachers as they teach them with real-time experiences. The kids also get the idea of competition and friendship with other kids in classroom that is not limited to the technical gadgets within four walls of home. 

  • Elementary School Education

This is the foundation of a student’s education because here teachers are more thorough in their approach of giving the basic idea of each subject. While the technological sources offer compact knowledge, the teachers explain those compact ideas in detail while clearing any doubt arising among the students. Teachers give proper attention to each student, hone their knowledge, give home-works and check them so evaluate the progress of the students.

As for gadgets, videos or software, there is hardly any scope for kids to clear their doubts after a lesson. Technology doesn’t offer much practice or home-work facility to help students understand how much they have understood any topic. 

  • High School Education

The formative years of high school education is dependent on both the skilled teachers and the technologies. As the students grow up, the syllabus grows extensively and in most cases, it is not possible for a teacher to cover an entire subject topic in one period. Hence, both the students and the teachers take aid from the technological aspects such as showing a film on a projector, giving practical lessons of computer, giving students projects involving digital media and so on. Students are also encouraged to surf the internet to get more details on their subject matters, current affairs and various general knowledge.

So, as a whole you can say that in high school, technology and teachers both play vital roles in a student’s education –just as a teacher’s role can never be fulfilled by technology alone, without exploring the technological facets, students’ education would be incomplete.      

  • College And University Education

Finally, when a student enters college or pursues higher education from universities, the dependence on teachers and technologies grow significantly. It can be said beyond any doubt that the in-depth knowledge of professors and lecturers cannot match that you find in any software, film, website, video or app unless they consist any research thesis by the professors. That being said, it is always useful to take help of these technological features to increase your knowledge acquired from the lectures in classroom.  

By all means, one can say that the teaching method is changed now with technology going hand-in-hand with the teachers. However, as much as technology is making the job of teachers easier and education more interesting to students, there will be never any replacement.