The machines and the robots are taking over. With its share of pros and cons, technology is ushering in a new wave of future that cannot be ignored. It changes lifestyles and professions. A notable example can be that earlier we had handlooms which got evolved into Jacquard looms and now we have programmed machines for making cloth.

Change is inevitable. Similarly, there is a high chance that some professions and courses would become irrelevant (if not obsolete) in the not too distant future.

And the cause of this change will be as predicted – technology.

That Sitcom Show – A Perfect Example

That Sitcom Show - Porn Parody

That Sitcom Show – Porn Parody

Technology goes a long way, and it’s not stopping. There comes a great responsibility with the evolution and entertainment sector doesn’t want to be left behind. This is why creation of That Sitcom Show series was inevitable. Classic TV shows are reborn – but this time with an additional adults-only touch. If you ever wondered how would it be to see these iconic characters in explicit actions, now you will! Thanks to Nubiles and their splendid idea of turning sitcoms into porn parodies! Are you ready to enjoy a totally new journey into the world of sitcoms? We hope so!

Getting The Real Life Experience – With MYLF

MYLF ProjectMost of things that are needed in real-life interactions you can learn from books, but let’s be honest – it’s not the point. By interacting with people, you get social skills so much faster. The issue is some people are shy. This is where mature, experienced women are required. MYLF project is something that could help. How? Their experience in man/woman relations built during all the years is surely making them self-confident enough to give some lessons. 7 series of various situations with these women and one thing is certain – it always end up with sexual things. This is MYLF.

Basic Computer Science Will Become Too Basic Now

Computers and mobile phones is an essential part in of people from nearly all sections of society.

Usage of devices like computers and mobile phones is an essential part in of people from nearly all sections of society. Therefore, the foundation courses for computer science in the initial school years might cease after some time.

This is mainly because for the future generations, the content from the computer science text books will be basic knowledge- a part of growing up. Just like they learn how to speak, wash their hands and eat food, learning basic computers would be a part of this growing up stage.

Accountants Will Count Their Days

We are, right now, living in a corporate world of cloud accounting systems and programs that can be used for filing taxes.

A local shopkeeper would give you a bill and calculate the price of the total commodities that you buy. If a cashier machine does the same task, there is a high possibility that you would trust the machine over man. It is a natural postmodern thought. Therefore, with advancement of IT accounting programs, accounting might be less of a human field now.

To support this argument, the declining importance of bookkeeping in companies can be pointed out. We are, right now, living in a corporate world of cloud accounting systems and programs that can be used for filing taxes.

A Breach Will Be Felt In Teaching

SMART Learning

With the advent of educational technology, the need of classroom learning is reducing. Students, nowadays, are able to learn through more interactive learning methods like SMART learning, online learning videos and learning management systems. This leads to enhanced learning for students and help them develop their cognitive abilities. However, the profession of teaching will still not get obsolete. Teachers and machines need to work together to produce the best results. Mutual assistance is the best factor. A good example which shows the benefits of tech as well as human teachers is the advent of long distance learning programs and online classrooms.

In this manner, automaton is creating new opportunities as well as eliminating the redundant ones. Various other courses like software design and journalism will get affected with widespread use of technology through desktops and smartphones. People might offer criticisms but for all round development, a good technological framework is necessary, be it a First World or a Third World country.

So a perfect handling of technology might change courses and jobs. However, we will have to make sure that these courses evolve into something better, to shape lives in an even better way.